course ended before able to start

I was getting stuck on the “Setting Up Your Lab” where I needed to create a trial account for elastic cloud. I have finally been able to get it done; even though I have only just realised that there are “nocloud” instructions on installing Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Just as I was about to create a new deployment ( when the page informed me that “This course has ended”.

An email response from has told me to chat with someone on this page.

Hi Daniel,
welcome to our training forum. This is the correct place to ask your questions and solve your problems. I am sorry for your terrible experience with one of our trainings and I wish I can fix things and improve it :slight_smile: Can you share with me which course are you talking about? Thank you

Sorry, I should have included that: APM Fundamentals

@danielbt would it be possible for you to send via pm the email address that you use to register for this course?

I have sent you a direct message. I don't know if that is the same as a PM.

Perfect. It should be good now.

Daniel, Melvyn has restarted your lab so you will have all the 5h again. Let us know if you have any problems.

Notice that we also have instructions for doing the labs without using the cloud, in case you are still facing cloud issues.

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