Appending data to existing index

I have an index that already has data.
One of the lines in the CSV that was uploaded, had location field which reflects the co-ordinates for Vietname, showing null values due to which that particular line from the CSV did not get uploaded through Kibana.
How do I update the index with only the location coordinates for Vietnam through the Kibana console without having to reupload the entire dataset? Thanks,

If you're talking about the import tools in the ML part of Kibana, you can't do that unfortunately.

[ML] Data Visualiser - Allow import into existing index · Issue #31380 · elastic/kibana · GitHub is a request for it.

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I recently discovered that I can rename a field in an index through the "Dev tools console" using an alias. To understand your response better, there is no way currently, through the Dev Tools console in Kibana, to:

  1. Delete an existing field in an index
  2. Append data to existing fields in an index
  3. Change Data type of an existing field of an index

Each time does one has to upload a new index for the above 3 situations? Thanks..

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