Apples & Oranges

I'm trying to visualize the volume of traffic associated with entities of very different size. Visualizing the data directly on a chart (see top chart) is meaningless - the data of the high-volume entity renders the data of the smaller one meaningless.

Instead of this, I hope to chart "rates" of the two entities - the percent that their volume varies from their average rate over the given time (see bottom chart).

I've been trying to approach this without learning to code in ES! Does anyone know if the visual interface of Kibana would allow me to construct a visualization in this manner?

[I realize I can have a chart with a separate y-axis for a second data set. This is not idea because in some instances, I will want to compare one entity to an aggregate of other entities.]

Any insight would be appreciated.

Hey @gardanni ,

The rates approach is great, to bring two differenct metrics to one scale.
You can plot something like this using TSVB

This post contains examples on how to render multiple series on a single plot.

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for your reply. I am aware that I can plot multiple metrics on one chart. I am stumped as to whether Kibana can present a chart of "rates" that are calculated from values in my data, as opposed to presenting the data itself. I did my best to explain my intent with the charts in my prior post. Do you know how I might go about representing this?

Thanks again!

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