Apply new ILM to managed index template FAILED

I have a time series data stream, it has a managed index template and it was configured to "logs ILM" by default. I want to use another ILM and I changed the index template configure by "Edit" in Index Management and add this:

It was become right the ILM I changed after I reload the page. But in the next day, the index template and its indices which generated for new day follow the old ILM (the "logs ILM" by default). This happens for several time and I have no idea to solve it.

Some one help me pls.

Did you update the index template with @custom suffix or @package?

You should update the index template with @custom suffix and then perform a roll over on your data stream.

Yes I edit the index template then the data stream, but after done one action in new ILM, it back to be the old ILM.

Did you follow this documentation?

Yes, I have read it. But I prefer modifying and using the old index template to cloning to the new index. Is there any way?

For what I know, following the steps in the documentation is the only way to change the default retention policy.

Oh ok,..Is that fit with data already have and been integrating data?

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