Use of customized Managed ILM policies

Hello! I would like to know is it safe to use customized Managed ILM policies?
And can it be that after some update of the cluster that customized Managed ILM policies will be reset to default values? I've also tried to save Managed policy as new but even this new one is marked as "Managed".
And if I want to customize retention period for logs, is it better to just create a new policy and specify it in the index template or also create a new index template?

Yes that is the preferred method.

You can clone an index template

Also, if you are using an integration from Elastic Agent and you want to customize an ILM, depending on the integration you will need to clone the index template for every dataset in the integration.

You will need to follow this documentation.

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Huh Did not know we even added that section ... looks like it came in 8.4 ..nice thanks ... TIL!

I found it when I moved to 8 on 8.5 and tried to customize ILM and mappings, unfortunatelly it is still a lot of work if you need custom ILM or mappings.

I opened an issue proposing some changes a couple of months ago.

Yes There should be a wizard! That Asks a couple of questions based on either a Logs or Metrics Template to bootstrap it all !!

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