Are runtime multi-fields possible?

Is it possible to have a runtime mapping with a subfield? I mean, so I get fields like "field.keyword" and "field.text" like multi-fields, but at same time this is runtime mapping .

I like elasticsearch dynamic mapping, but I don't want to reindex every time it is detected wrong.
I know I can use runtime mapping for that, but I want little more flexibility - I want autodetected fields to be immediately available both as keyword and as autodetected type so I have "field.keyword" and "field.autodetected" for new fields. Is it possible?

Elasticsearch gives me unknown parameter [fields] on runtime field

Thank you for hints how to do this.

PS: I also want "field.keyword" and "field.autodetected" so I can search the index pattern for "autodetected" and see those runtime fields easily.

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