Are there any best practices for the migration of saved objects between different versions?

I want to migrate the "saved objects" from ELK 7.6.2 version to 7.4.2 version.
what data must be consistent?
what needs attention?
how to move safely, steadily and quickly?

Hi @wajika,

Are you trying to downgrade your saved objects?

Yes, since 7.6.2 is my test environment, 7.4.2 is my official environment. Does the elastic team provide a safe solution for save object migration?

Unfortunately we don't support downgrading versions with saved objects. The current saved objects migrator only works if you're upgrading to a newer version.

So what should I do?
If I upgrade from 7.4.2 to 7.7.1, can I use 7.6.2 version of "save objects"?
I plan to use the new features of 7.7.X.

In addition, can I migrate save objects under different SPACE?

Yes, those saved objects will auto migrate on start of Kibana version 7.7.1. If you use the import / export feature, they will also auto migrate on import.

In addition, can I migrate save objects under different SPACE?

The Kibana migrator will upgrade all saved objects in all spaces so no issue there.

If I accidentally delete the index pattern, it will cause all the visualization charts to be unusable. I think this is a very serious problem (this occasionally occurs). I have a lot of Visualizations that cannot be used (meaning I need to re-create it once?).

The best workaround I can think of would be as follows:

  1. Use the saved objects management UI to export your visualizations, dashboards, etc
  2. Re-create the accidentally deleted index pattern
  3. Import the output file from step 1. It should prompt you to chose a new index pattern and you can pick the one from step 2.

Thank you for your reply

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