Are there any limits to search, visualization or dashboard objects

We would like to monitor 715 different counters each on multiple servers. I am trying to create dashboards segregated by each server. I wrote a script to auto-generate the search, visualization and dashboard objects. I initially started with a subset of the counters and was able to generate and load the objects - about 35 dashboards along with 40 search and 40 visualization objects without an issue. When I try to expand the list, Kibana 1.5.4 is unable to load 240 dashboards with about 20k kibana is unable to load the objects. Is there a limit to the number of search, visualization and dashboard objects. How can I resolve this?

thanks in advance.

Can you share the script, it'd be interesting to see exactly how it works.

Also what version are you running, 1.5.4 looks like a Logstash release.

Hello Mark,

Thanks for a quick response.

Sorry – here are the versions I am running:

elasticsearch-1.7.2, kibana-4.1.2-linux-x64 and logstash-1.5.4

the above file “kibana_objects_75” is able to load although it took a couple of minutes. I generated the objects programmatically in perl. Having said that, I see that there is a limit for each tab at a 100. Is there a possibility that I can expand on this limit?


Thanks in advance.


I don't know if there is a setting for that sorry.

I don't see such an option. Feel free to raise an enhancement request, if this is important to you:

Thank you Tanya. I am able to only see a 100 objects for dashboard, Searches and Visualization (see image). I understand that filter can find additional objects but the users monitoring may not know what to filter. Also, can you please send me a link to request an enhancement to be able to load in more objects?


Thanks. But will kibana choke beyond some hard-limit?

I suggest you file the feature request here, one does not exist today: