Some of the visualizations cannot be added to dashboards?

According to the user guide:

A Kibana dashboard displays a collection of visualizations and searches.

I currently have 113 visualizations.

But when I try to add visualization to a dashboard, there are only 100 items to choose from.

Why some visualizations cannot be added to dashboards?

I'm using Elasticsearch and Kibana both of version 6.2.4

hi @fr0der1c,

I believe that's a limitation of Kibana. It only shows 100 visualizations in that list, even though you might have more.

If you know the name of the visualization, search for it in the search-bar. It will filter down the list and you should be able to add it to the dashboard.

:joy: u r right. I got the problem. I actually tried to search the visualization. However the name of my visualization started with Chinese character and it seems not supported yet, so I got nothing.

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