Visualizations are not visible when Kibana Visualizations count is > 100



I have over 100 visualizations used across many dashboards, but cannot add any new visuals to my dashboards until the visualizations count is less than 100.
Any newly added visuals don't display when you try to add them via the dashboard, however they do appear when you click on visualize menu\panel.

Any help would be appreciated.




Is your problem that the name of the visualization isn't show in the list? You can type a partial name in the filter to resolve this. Or is your problem that the visualization does not display correctly?



The visualization isn't there even if you use the filter. It seems when you have over 100 visualisations the dashboard - add function is only showing the first 100 created.
I can only add a new one to the dashboard when I delete a visualization and reduce the count to less than 100.


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