Maximum Number of Objects in Kibana

Is there a maximum number of objects (dashboards, searches, visualizations) one can have in Kibana? My guys have built nearly 200 and if I need to put the brakes on, I should do it sooner than later.

Wow, that's impressive!

Given it's just another index, it should sale pretty well, you'll likely have more issues with many users opening all of those.

There isn't a limit set in the product. In terms of Kibana's ability to serve up these objects, it probably matters more how many concurrent users are accessing these dashboards and at what rate they are refreshing rather than how many there are. I've seen environments with over 1000 configured dashboards :smile:

how is it possible to see multiple dashboard together ? to link them ?
1000 coufigured dashboard... it is a lot
i just want some but i don't know how to do that

Please start your own thread :slight_smile: