How many users can be created in kibana? do you have limit?

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How many users can be created in kibana? do you have limit?
if so what s the ideal number which does not hit dashboard performance.
Thank you!!!

Hi @shadu88,

thanks for your question. Kibana uses the authentication mechanism of Elasticsearch, that means it depends on your Elasticsearch configuration how users are stored and retrieved. If you are managing your users from within Kibana, you are using the native realm. The default setting is to keep 10000 users in cache, everything below that shouldn't have any influence on performance because Kibana doesn't query all available users for the Dashboard.

Do you have a specific use case in mind?

Hey Flash1293,
Thanks for your quick reply. I'm the ELK admin here and need to provide access for multiple users across organization at Kibana level. So thought of getting facts correct before it hit dashboard performance. Hope Multiple users can logging in at same time to access the dashboards.
FYI : Using Basic 7.1.0
thank you!!

Concurrent dashboard access is not limited, which means multiple users can access the same dashboard at once. The only thing to consider is that for each user there will be requests sent to Elasticsearch which increases load on your cluster. The exact number of users supported to do so depends on many variables like the amount of data, the hardware of your cluster and the amount and complexity of the visualizations on the accessed dashboards. If response times get too slow or the server becomes unresponsive, it might be necessary to scale up your cluster, but that's always possible later.

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