Are there Filebeats Default Kibana Dashboards for 5.0 like there were for previous versions?

Simply the question in the title.

In Filebeats 1.x and Kibana 4.x, there was a set of 'default' or demo dashboards that you could download and install from a repo that is now Deprecated and has a link to the new repo. But the new repo doesn't seem to mention anything about demo dashboards. Are there any out there? Will they be coming if they're not already?

Filebeat didn't have any sample dashboards, I can't see any in the old repo anyway.
Packetbeat definitely did, and they still exist.

I just found them about 10 minutes ago... I got confused between the different beats >.< sorry.

Is Topbeat for 5.0 alpha 4 delayed? Or not coming? Or soon?

It's already been released -

How am I missing this stuff?....

I'm not seeing the docs for Topbeat 5.0-alpha4 like I am for the others.. And the 5.0-alpha4 section for 'Beats' in general: don't cover topbeat.. they only list Packetbeat, Metricbeat, Filebeat, and Winlogbeat..

That leads me to believe I'm not 100% crazy.. only partially crazy

"Topbeats is being replaced with MetricBeats in 5.0"...

Glad I learned how to read.

And now I'm having the same problem with MetricBeat that I am with Packetbeat... Nothing getting into Elasticsearch and no logs being created.

@David_McClain Can you share some more details? Config? Commands you are using? OS?

Sorry, the problem seemed to be related to the fact I had Shield enabled. As soon as I disabled shield, both Metric and Packetbeats started flowing freely

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