What's the status of topbeat


Can someone please tell me what is the status of this beat? Will it make it into v.5? Because I currently don't see it in 5.0 branch on github.... Is there an alpha version of this beat somewhere?

Also there used to be a set of demo beats dashboards that now says
it is deprecated and moved to main beats repo but i can find no dashboards there.

I am in fact looking for a topbeat+dashboard setup that actually works, like the one you show in the intro video on topbeat page.

Topbeat 1.X is available for download. There will not be a Topbeat in 5.x because all of the functionality has been migrated to Metricbeat. For me details see this blog post:

It's in the 1.x branches. https://github.com/elastic/beats/tree/1.3

Brilliant! Thank you, Andrew - I will give metric beat a try.


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