Topbeat Dashboard not working

I have Elastic, logstash, FB and kibana configured. Recently, I have added the topbeat on one of my server and have installed the beats dashboard.
But when I try viewing the topbeat dashboard i see below error ...

I did all the default things to setup and didnt change anything during the installation. Can anyone please let me now what should I make my dashboard work ?


Are you using version 5.x? Topbeat has been deprecated, so if you are using version 5.x I don't think it will work.

I recommend you to try metricbeat instead.


Yes, I am using version 5.4. Thanks, will look into MetricsBeats.

Is there any default dashboard for MetricsBeats ??

Yes, if you download the package from our website you can find scripts inside it that will create default dashboards for you.

thanks for the confirmation. i will look into it now.

On my server there is no internet access. Hence, I was not able to execute the command with importdashboard.exe. I have downloaded the zip file from other machine.
Can you please let me know which command should I execute to install the dashboard or is there any other way that I can get things configured ?

You would really need internet access because the tool needs to download assets from our servers.

One way to workaround this issue is to execute the tool in a local test node (where you have internet access) and then snapshot the ".kibana" index. Then you copy the snapshot to this server without internet access and restore back the. See this documentation for instructions on how to snapshot/restore.

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