Around 750 characters string value not displayed in data table

I have a big data description, which I needed to show in the dashboard.
Reading one of earlier topic's. @Tanya said to use data table to display the value. using that concept.
Still data table is unable to take that value and display it in the table.

I can reproduce this problem you describe. For me, when doing a Terms aggregation on a field with a long, non-analyzed string in it, the long string simply doesn't show up. It does show up in Discover. Is this what you also experienced?

I'd suggest filing an issue in Github with as many details as you can provide:

Yes Tanya.

So this is a bug then. Please file it from your side if possible. Thank you.

I'll add it to my to-do list. However, I suggest you take the time to file it, if it's important to you :slight_smile: