Assign kibana alert running on a specific instance

There are multiple kibana instances connecting to same ES cluster:
kibana1 -> elasticsearch <- kibana2
After setting kibana alerts, found that kibana alerts run on random instance (1/2).
While i have a need to run rule on a specific instance.

Before kibana 8, using kibana.index as legacy multi tenancy could resolve the problem.
In kibana 8, this is migrated to kibana space but as both instance could access all space that is no difference as one space.

@Brandon_Kobel / @mikecote can we please get some help here?


thanks for replying.
from issue search online,
it seems after removing kibana index.
This is an issue could not be resolved unless with function update of kibana alert / rule

Hi @JT_IGS, I can confirm that this isn't possible at this time given the system design. All the Kibana instances are designed to run background tasks.

We would need to further enhance the dedicated node roles functionality for this to be possible. In the meantime, it may be possible to achieve something with two separate Kibana instances and cross cluster searching: Search across clusters | Elasticsearch Guide [8.11] | Elastic but it's not guaranteed to work for your use case.

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