Assign users to APM Agents

Hi All,

I am using ELK Version 8.6.2 and trying to create separate users for different Java APM Agents.
For Example If I have 2 APM Agents namely 1_agent & 2_agent and 2 Users User1 and User2.

My requirement is such that User1 can only perform operations and view data for 1_agent. While User2 can do the same for 2_agent.
Both User1 and User2 cannot view each others agent or any other data.

For the same, I have tried creating space and roles and then assigning users to that roles but that did not work.

I have also tried adding indices , in the index privilege option of the roles. Below is the snip of the same

But above also did not work probably because such indices do not exist. Below is the output I get when I try to cat the indices

Please suggest me a correct way of implementing user based APM agent traces
I also came across below Issue in elastic discussions:

But unable to view this option anywhere in the role privileges.

NOTE : Both agents point to the same apm-server

Kindly advise.

Best Regards,
Namita Jaokar