At last the apprehension came true!

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Bismillahir* Rwa'hmaanir** Rwa'heem*

Calling the entire world towards Saiyidul A'ayaad !


Salam to you all, on the True Path of Allah Rwabbul 'Alamin.

You know it very well that the most fortunate and pompous event in the
entire creation is the Observance of Saiyidul A'ayaad, Saiyide
'Eed-e-A'azwam, 'Eed-e-Akbar, the sacred 'Eed-e-Meeladunnabi Swallallahu
'Alaihi Wa Sallam on the Mubarok date of 12th of Mahe Robiul Auwal Shareef.

*Lesson for all of us on the auspicious Saiyidul A'ayaad *

At last the apprehension came true!

Like the previous years, Saudi government is ready to spoil the 'Hajj this
year also. The Wahabi government in its deliberate action prematurely
started the month of Zil'hajj one day earlier. It ignored the reports of
non visibility of the moon even through telescope, used by the scientists
both at home and abroad.

This is nothing but the consequence of their false and fabricated system of
counting the lunar months avoiding Quran-Sunnah. Which is clearly a Kufri

Justifiably, in order to receive the greatest satisfaction of Allah Pak and
Rwa'hmatullil 'Alamin Swallallahu'Alaihi Wa Sallam, our compliance must
follow the Sunnah Shareef!

We hope that all of us earn THEIR highest level of satisfaction.



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