Attempting to use Curator (Elasticsearch)

Hello, I am trying to install curator for elasticsearch on Ubuntu. However, we are trying to have control of the location and have it set into a custom/given directory. I have tried using a tar package, however, it seems to be looking for python version of elasticsearch? However, our current version is using Java. How can we go about making this work so that we can get it working with our current version (6.7.2) of elasticsearch and still control which directory is install and resides on?

Out of curiosity, what is the reasoning behind this requirement?

This would be a requirement for the elasticsearch python module, rather than Elasticsearch itself (which you correctly note is Java-based).

The only way to be able to specify where Curator exists is to use virtualenv, which allows you to create a virtualized Python environment outside of the system in a directory of your choosing. A basic representation of this would be:

$ pip install virtualenv
$ cd /path/of/my/choosing
$ virtualenv my_venv
$ source /path/of/my/choosing/my_venv/bin/activate
[my_venv] $ pip install elasticsearch-curator
[my_venv] $ curator --version

After this, you would be able to run /path/of/my/choosing/my_venv/bin/curator

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