Audit logs doc error or I'm confused

I added true
to my elasticsearch.yml

I expected to see cluster-name_audit.log, but I found cluster_name_access.log. I finally found doc explaining there should be both files, but I can't find any audit.log.

I guess the files would be the same, just duplicated?

The name of the audit log file was changed to <clustername>_index.login version 6.5, before that the file was named <clustername>_access.log but we kept the old file name around for compatibility reasons.

As mentioned in the doc you linked above (which is for version 6.6)

For backwards compatibility reasons, a file named <clustername>_access.log is also generated.

This means that since you only see <clustername>_access.log, you are probably running Elasticsearch on a version before 6.5 and there is nothing wrong, or nothing more you need to do.

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