Augment the "font-size" value for labels in diagrams

(Jawhar Mbarek) #1

the needed feature:

Please can Someone provide me with a Plugin or solution to configure the font-size labels for the diagrams.

a specific use case for the feature:

The labels on the X, Y axes look very small, and I need to increase the "font-size" value in the , I'm struggling following the to change the code and rebuild Kibana and I can't find a clear guidline how to do it.

.label-text {
  font-size: 200%;
  font-weight: normal;

(Jon Budzenski) #2

The source for that selector is at, and it will get compiled into when the server starts next.

How to apply custom css in Kibana UI has an example of a plugin that modifies css that can be used as a reference if you want to go that route.

(system) #3

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