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How can i change font size of labels in visualization in kibana 6.2.2.

Hi Dhanashree,

To my knowledge there is no feature on Kibana that lets you change the font size of labels.
if you wish to change it you can do it by editing the following css file.


find for .label-text and change the property shown below. (My current Kibana version 6.2.0)

font-size: 130%;    //change as per your requirment. 


  1. Change the font size specifed above
  2. Save the changes
  3. Refresh kibana. If it doesn't reflect then hard refresh using (CRTL + SHIFT +R)

Fun Fact

We can use developers tools avaibale with all the browers which can help you customise the look as per your requirement.
You can find the link here !

Hi @Suhas_K
I tried changing the font-size from css file but the change is not reflecting on the visualizations.Is there any other way which i can try out?

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Hey @Dhanashree,

Try adding the following snippet at the end of the same CSS file

[ng-if="visState.params.metric.labels.show"] {
    font-size: 150%; // change the value as required.

The previous answer was for the labels in a pie chart.



Hi @Suhas_K
Tried adding the above snippet in the css file but that is not reflecting.

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