Configuring charts in Kibana

I am trying to do a few basic things in Kibana but cant find many config options. Though not sure if I am looking at the right places. I have pie chart and want to:

a) change the size of the legend (need a bigger font)
b) want the labels to appear 'on the chart' (i.e field type name displayed on the part of the chart which depicts that field)

Are these things possible with Kibana today? If not, are there any workarounds that can be used today?


Hi Anupam

Currently the font size is not configurable in Kibana. There is already an enhancement request to do this .

Please thumb it up to track its progress.


Thanks Rashmi. I have thumbed up the ticket.

Do you know if its possible to put custom labels (or any kind of annotation) on the chart itself?


Hi Anupam,

AFAIK, there is not a provision to put custom labels on the chart as of now.

You can go ahead and open an enhancement request in Kibana repo and we can track it there.


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