Auth and load balance


I have 4 nodes:
host1,host2,host3 = master,data,ingest (all true)
host4 = data,ingest (all true)

  • enable auth (local)
  1. start elasticsearch on all nodes
    do i need to run "bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive" on each node? or say only at host1
  • load balance
  1. should i point logstash this way?
    hosts => ["host4:9200", "host3:9200", "host2:9200", "host1:9200"]
    it doesn't matter of host order as Logstash will load balance among them.

I'd appreciate any tips/help.


well for auth in a cluster, i found this ( Somehow my mind was following single-node steps.

in summary:

  1. created CA cert
  2. created cert & private key
  3. enabled xpack and transport.ssl configs in elasticsearch.yml
  4. started elasticsearch on all nodes
  5. ran bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive on 1 node only
  6. created roles & users for logstash & filebeat
  7. added credentials in the config files of filebeat & logstash, then restart

elasticsearch is receiving the data

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