Auth0 integration issues

Hey , I am working with a client who is interested in using ELK as log solution and asked to do POC on integration feasibility between Auth0 & Elastic. I have signed up for a elastic cloud trial tenant. I am following this guide Auth0 | Documentation
& trying to add Auth0 integration on Kibana . But it is not clear to me on how to configure these listen address and port details. Also not sure about how to configure TLS configure certificate and where to provide the details. So I am stuck & unable to proceed here . Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @Srinivasan_Rajagopal,

Welcome to the community! By it's not clear how to configure, do you mean where the options are to configure these settings in the integration?

List address and port are part of step 2 of the wizard:

If you expand the > Advanced options section at the bottom of step 2 you'll also see the TLS settings and links to the docs that should help:

Do let us know if you need any further help with the configuration.

Hi Caryl,

Thanks for the response.

I saw this details available already. My actual question is about

  1. What would be listen address value since it is elastic cloud ? Can you help me with how to find the listen address ?

  2. As I am using cloud, how would I know the path of where to keep the actual certificates .pem and cert.key files ?

Happy Friday!!


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