Auto authentication users using embedded kibana link in custom website

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Hello All,
I'm trying to figure out a way in which I need to auto aunthenticate user i.e In custom web UI it should authencicate given user but without entering the username and password.

For Now I'm using elastic,kibana 7.9.1(basic auth)and when logged in to website it gives pop up to authenticate,How can I avoid this and auto authenticate user?

Any suggestion or help would be grateful.
@ritwikkaul Were you able to achieve this without the need of reverese proxy?

Many Thanx,

@tenet_testuser1 @Larry_Gregory Any pointers or suggestion on this,without the need of proxy server ,how this can be achieved? Facing this major issue ,Could someone please redirect to best source who can assist ?

When tried to authenticate with below config in kibana.yml,gives following error: true "None"

FATAL Error: "SameSite: None" requires Secure connection


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