Auto Delete old indices based on size (on hitting the low watermark setting)


Is there any setting which would auto Delete old indices on hitting the lower watermark setting? I could not find much information from the documentation regarding such a setting.
If not, how can this be done ?

What is that?

AFAIK, You cannot delete based on size. Logically it does not make any sense.
As you say old that means you refer to age/date created.

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It is not possible, to automatically delete indices you would use a Index Lifecycle policy, but these policies only support age as a the parameter in the delete phase.

If you want to delete indices when your cluster reach the low watermark you would need to monitor your elasticsearch logs to see when it was reached and then trigger a request to delete some indice, but you would need to write this logic using an external tool and you would need to specify what index you want to delete.

It is best to set the deleta phase to delete indices after some time to avoid reaching the low watermark phase in your cluster

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