Auto download Chromium in kibana

On starting Kibana 8.6.2, chromium browser was downloaded automatically internally for reporting purpose (i guess).

Path: <kibana_path>/x-pack/plugins/screenshotting/chromium/*

Can we disable auto download the chromium browser?

If No, Suppose Chromium was downloaded some month before and there present some vulnerability in downloaded version.

If I restarted Kibana and new version was available, then will the new version of chromium replace the old version one?

Still not getting reply from any one.

That Chromium instance is indeed used for reporting. That instance should not be used by anything else other than kibana when generating the report. As for updates, they come with new versions of Kibana. So if you update your kibana version, the chromium version will also update.

Thank your for response.

If I am using same Kibana version but new version of Chromium was available fixing some vulnuerability, Will the Chromium file got updated automatically?

My concern is just on security policy.

Can i have some update if possible?

Thank you inadvance.

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