Autocomplete Query

I have currently implemented autocomplete feature by using search_as_you_type datatype, I use the copy_to parameter to copy vaules from multiple fields into a new field.
e.g. values in name, address, designation fields are copied to a new field called person_search which is of search_as_you_type datatype. This works fine for me currently, but I am looking to refine it further by also providing the original fields also as part of the autocomplete, as Amazon does below


So as in above case apart from provinding autocomplete for elasticse, it also provides autocomplete with specific categories like "In Books" and "In Kindle Store".

So in my case if my data is as below
name : Joe
address : Joe Plaza
designation : An Average Joe
person_search : Joe Joe Plaza An Average Joe

Can I provide in the autocomplete box when the user types in Jo,
Joe in name
joe in address
Joe in designation
Joe Joe Plaza An Average Joe

Let me know if this is possible, and any pointers to the documentation will be helpful


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