Automate rollover index

Hi Team,

Does Elasticsearch rollover index automatically each time the rollover condition is true or it only do it once ? If once so how do I automate it, Please help

It happens every time the condition is met.

Sorry, my bad, let me put it this way, where do I have to put the roll over index settings for it to automate every time the condition is met and also how do I generate the name of the rollover index dynamically, hope this is clear has a bit of detail on how you can set various conditions. Is there anything specifically there that we can help with?

I still would need help to know If I need to set up a cron job to schedule the automation of the rollover index for it to generate the index names automatically, and where do I schedule it within the ES cluster

If you are using the rollover API, you only need to make the request once.

You need to call the rollover API periodically with the criteria as that is when the check is made.

Ahh yes, I keep forgetting that part.

I am kinda new to elasticsearch, still wondering how can I schedule the automation, do I need a cron job if so can you provide some guidance on how to set up the cron job with the automation of the rollover index

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