Rolling over the index automatically

Rolling over the index automatically when the conditions wont satisfy.
As of now i am explicitly using the conditions whenever i want to insert a document.
Is there any way where we can automatically roll over the index.

The rollover check is triggered by an API call, so is not automatic. You can use cron to trigger Curator to manage this for you. In the next minor release, version 6.6, a new feature called Index Lifecycle Management will be launched. This allows you to configure policies in Elasticsearch that handle rollover and ageing of indices automatically.

okay thank you for the timely response

When will be the next version be released

We have a policy of not providing release dates, but it is not too far off as it is the next minor release.

okay thanks for the reply
Can u please let me know what are steps for installation of curator on window 64 bit platform.
Since there is no clear clarity in the documentation.

thanks in advance.

I am not sure as I am not a Windows user, but according to the docs it seems you can install using a zip file or MSI installer.

Thanks for the reply.

When i am opening to install zip package, its showing below image.

That is the hash used to verify the downloaded package and not the zip file. Use the link next to that one.

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