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There is something that is still unclear for me about rollover index. What i understood is, If i set the indice to rollover each day, each day i have a new index:

day 1 ===> logs-2017.05.17-1
day 2 ===> logs-2017.05.18-000001
day 3 ===> logs-2017.05.19-000001

But When i did my test it rollover only once:

day 1 ===> logs-2017.05.13-1
day 2 ===> logs-2017.05.14-000001

Does Elasticsearch rollover index automatically each time the rollover condition is true or it only do it once ?

Depends how you set it up, so what did you send to ES?

Thank's for your response, I did :

PUT _template/logs
  "template": "logs-*",
  "settings": {
    "number_of_shards":   5,
    "number_of_replicas": 0
  "aliases": {
    "active-logs":  {}

POST active-logs/log
{ "text": "Some log message", "@timestamp": "2016-07-05T01:00:00Z" }

POST active-logs/_rollover
  "conditions": {
    "max_age": "1d"


You have to set a cron job to run the POST active-logs/rollover call periodically to check if the conditions are met.

when the condition becomes true, it will rollover.

Curator supports the Rollover API

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