Automatic index creation using java API

(Phani Nadiminti) #1

Hi All,

I am creating monthly index to push my documents this creation has been implemented automatically by java API.Recently i have observed attribute norms added to my not_analyzed fields automatically when index is creating. The previous month index creation is fine but this attribute is automatically added to my index schema this month.

"norms": {
    "enabled": false

Due to this i am unable to operate filter query on term search. it is showing null result even tough we have data.i read norms attribute will helpful in scoring.

so is this be possible when we are creating index with predefined constant schema can these norms attribute add automatically by ES or what might be the cause of this attribute adding and why my term search not working on this norms field.
please help me out.


(David Pilato) #2

Not sure I understand the relation with Java API here.

Why not using index templates and define whatever mapping you want to apply automatically each time a new index is created?

(Phani Nadiminti) #3

Hi David,

Thank you for the quick reply.I have mistaken we are using a .json file with my index schema structure contains a constant mapping. we are executing that json script for new index creation every time.


(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

As David suggested, you can create an index template based on this that will be applied whenever a new index is created. You would therefore not explicitly need to create a new index, but could just start indexing into it and have the template automatically applied. This is what Logstash does and it is proven to work well.

(Rajeev) #5

Hi All,

Can you please tell me how can I automatically create index in kibana ,Once I got my data in elastic search. Basically I want to remove the overhead to go to kibana and manually create index in kibana . All help will be highly appreciated. @Phani_Nadiminti @Christian_Dahlqvist @dadoonet

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