Automatic login with embedded dashboard

I have a dashboard that I want to share to users who are logged in to my application.

I followed the documentation and added the following to my elastic.yml
order: 0
order: 1
username: “username”
password: “password”

this works great and allows the dashboard to load in an iframe. however I realised it also allows anyone with the dashboard URL to access the dashboard, my dashboards can sometimes contain sensitive information so this is not something I want.

If I remove the anonymous.anonymous1 block then a password is required to log in , which is ok if the dashboard URL is just being shared, but really what we want is for our application,(php/html) which we’ve embedded it into, to automatically authenticate without needing to login. so is there some way to pass the username / password by code or something?

Is this something that is possible and if so how would I achieve it?

Hi @aa09,

Can you share if you are using the free version of Elastic or have a license? Are you making use of any single sign on technologies in your organisation?

Hi @carly.richmond thanks for the response. we do have a license but we are currently not using any single sign on technologies. would that be the only way to achieve what ive described ?

If you're not wanting users to explicitly specify their login credentials and don't want to make use of the anonymous authentication capabilities as you have described, I think you'll need to consider another authentication mechanism such as SAML or tokens if you're using a technology such as Kerberos. I would have a look at the Kibana authentication documentation.

Hope that helps!

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