Automatic refresh does not work in custom dashboards

Fresh installation of ELK 7.60 on a powerful server slice (92G RAM - 16 processors), heap size assigned to 16g. I've imported my custom dashboards from other Kibana instances and I'm using the refresh option for every 5 seconds. This used to work just fine in other installations and other hardware but it seems it's not the case now. I have to manually refresh the pages which is not an option as this is used for demo purposes.

Any idea why or where to start with troubleshooting?

This is a known bug and will be fixed with 7.6.1:

Unfortunately there is currently no workaround besides refreshing manually or using a browser extension.

Using Hue tool (Hadoop) we need to create scripts in backend and we can push the data to Elastic and using python code with the help of Apache Airflow tool, we can refresh the data automatically.

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