Automatically load saved dashboards, visualizations etc (export.json) on startup

I am using ELK stack in my application where logstash pushes a lot of metrics to ES and with those i have created few dashboards and visualizations in kibana. I have exported all the saved objects to export.json. I would now want to load these dashboards and visualizations automatically from export.json when kibana starts up. I don't want to manually import the json file from Kibana UI each time. I have automated installation and configuration of ELK on all the VMs, only part left is the dashboards and visualizations to be loaded as part of the startup. How can i achieve this? Please guide.


hmm, not sure if this can be done at startup. I think all the beats create index patterns and load all the visualizations and dashboards before there's any data. It's not on Kibana start up. Kibana has to already be running so those beats can hit the Kibana api. Kibana doesn't support this as a part of start up. May be file an enhancement request to begin with to start the discussion around it .Lets see if if we get more inputs on it .


Hi @rashmi Thanks for the response.
Similar to beats, how can i create index patterns and load all the visualizations and dashboards before starting logstash. So, i can start elasticsearch and kibana first, and before logstash starts pushing data i can load the dashboards. How can i do this?

you can start Logstash after Kibana comes up. First thing to make sure is ES is up and running. Then Kibana - you can load sample data sets( pre-loaded data sets already available) s0 that you can load those dashboards , post this you can start your logstash - if thats what you are looking for ? By loading the sample dsata sets - the index pattern and dashboards are pre created for you to explore ..
Hope this helps,

Hi @rashmi, i dont have a sample data set. Data is pushed only wen logstash starts running.
Do you mean to say, without any data in ES, loading dashboards, visualizations and indexes is not possible?

If you have an "export.json" object from Kibana, containing default index, visualizations, and dashboards etc you shopuld be able to manually load them into ES. Kibana uses an index in Elasticsearch to store saved searches, visualizations and dashboards. Kibana creates a new index if the index doesn't already exist.It keeps all its state in Elasticsearch, specifically in the .kibana index.

Are you not able to import it successfully ( manually) ? Automatic loading is not yet supported.

Yes i have all the index-pattern, saved searches, visualizations and dashboards in the export.json. Manually i havent tried yet. I will try manually. But just wondering how i can do atleast by a POST command

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