Automatically move old documents from a index, to a new index, without deleting the original index

There is a lot of helpful documents showing how to turn a hot index into a warm or cold one. But, in my case, I have a lot of independent applications that do the "same" thing, and can be very different. I would like to send the documents logs of all of the applications (all of them having the same fields) to the same index, so that I can create comparing visualizations with these documents. But, and here is the catch, I would like to keep this original index, and periodically MOVE the old documents to an specific index that holds only these old documents. I read about the rollover and rollup actions that we can do, creating policies. But I am not really sure if they can to this, or can they??

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There's no way for Elasticsearch to do this natively for you, you will need to build something external to Elasticsearch to do it.

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