Automate Reindex API while source is still indexing


Im using ES 7. And I need to automate a process on Kibana so when I create a new Index, I need to _reindex it using a query. Im able to do this manually but, How do I automate this process so everytime I have a new Index then it start reindexing in parallel base on my query?.

Thanks a lot in advance

there is no such mechanism, that is doing this automatically. The only thing that comes near this is Cross Cluster Replication

can you tell more about your use-case?


Thanks for your reply.

This is what I need to achieve.
I have a timeserie index that on its documents it has a field called "providers", I need to give access to only 'provider1' . example:
index: 'myindex'
providers: 'provider2', 'provider1', 'provider3'.

I will need a kibana space that can only see doccumetns that contain "Provider1"

I know I can limit the user roles to an index, thats why I was thinking on doing some kind of reindex or something that I can create a new index base on a query with this filter.

please let me know if its possible to achive this?.

Thanks a lot in advance

how about document level security or filtered aliases (which is not real security as the user could specify other indices if he can manipulate the query)

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Thanks a lot spinscale.

The doc level security works perfectly for me!. thanks for the help!

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