Indexing the query reslut directly to the same elasticsearch

Hi all,
I have only access to the Kibana (I don't have access to ES) and I was wondering whether it is possible to index the result of my query into a new index directly into the same ES? or I need to have access to ES and index it on the client-side (python, R, or Logstash)?

I would really appreciate it if you could guide me.
Thank you so much.


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You can run the query in a reindex call, and put that in your own index.

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Thank you so much. I'm really excited to be here. I really appreciate it.

I just checked the Kibana and I realized I don't have access to Watcher for scheduling either. I just wanted to ask your opinion on the ETL process. Do you think the ETL process outside of the ELK stack is efficient? ( Some of my KPIs are severely complicated and I really doubt that the queries+aggregation+ painless could do the job - especially for some regular expression tasks)
I'm aware that it depends on various variables, but ETL outside of the ELK is very different than trying to do the same task inside the ELK and of course easier.

Thank you so much again.


Sounds like it would be easier to do outside Elasticsearch.

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