Autoscroll on discover in an iframe does not work


I have the discover tab embedded within an iframe of a meteor app. When I scroll to the end of the discover results inside the iframe, I hit the "These are the first 500 documents matching your search, refine your search to see others. Back to top." message. However, this is not the case since I'm only viewing the first 100 documents. The page does not autoscroll to load the remainder of the records. I'd like to understand why this is so.

Secondly, Is there a possibility to disable autoscroll and show all the 500 records in bulk?


Kibana's infinite scroll implementation might not work correctly within iframes, I suggest filing an issue with details about the bug.

As for disabling infinite scrolling, that is not configurable at the moment, but if you'd like it to be I recommend filing a feature request.

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