Average count over time to render gauge visualization (RPS meter)


Consider I'm sending events to Elasticsearch for each request to my application. Now, I want to display an RPS gauge to show how many requests my application is getting per second. However, showing immediate number of requests for the last second will not be very informative and will cause the gauge to wildly fluctuate. Instead, I want to show the average RPS for some reasonable time ranges, e.g. last 1, 5 and 15 minutes (like load average is shown in Linux top program).

:abacus: Example of the calculation:

Given: 25 000 requests were made in the last 15 minutes.

25 000 req / (15 min × 60 sec/min) = 27.78 RPS

How do I configure Elastic Gauge Visualization to display such average count? I can't really find any suitable controls for this in the UI.

Thank you!

Which gauge are you using? Aggregation-based or TSVB.
In TSVB, there are some options to customize such things. Take care that it is NOT showing the last 15 minutes but depends on buckets created by datetime histogram aggregation.

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Actually, I was using a default Gauge visualization, didn't know about TSVB one.

The TSVB looks like a pretty powerful tool, I will try to use it for my visualization, thanks! Any specific advice you can give?

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Hmm, nothing specific at this time. I hope it works out for you. You may create a new post and discuss when there is another problem!

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