Average responsetime based on services

Please see attachment to see how data on kibana discoverer. I am trying to generate table form report based on average response time.

From above information, I want to generate average response time by grouping Test_AdminTypes and Test_Services in a table form. Please advise.

Hi Chaitanya,

I don't have your data of course, but I tried to create something similar. I created a new Data Table visualization and for the Metric, I changed it from Count to Average and selected a numeric type field event_id but you would select response-time.
Then I Split Rows by selecting a Terms aggregation and for Field I picked source_name but you would pick Test_AdminTypes or Test_Services

You can Split Rows again and select Terms, and you other fields.


Thank you LeeDr.

Unfortunately "response-time" is not shown under Average aggrigarion's filed. But I can see it in Dashboard. Please advise.


Hi ,

The field response-time data type is in string and it is not showing under aggregation. How to convert it into number and make it available for aggregation. Please advise.


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