Changed field to integer

Sorry if I selected wrong topic. its mix fo Kibana and Logstash.
I changed one field responseTime to integer using mutate-- convert filter.

I want to take average of responseTIme on line chart on Y-Axis. I am expecting "responseTIme" field to come as an option in Field list under aggregation. However it doesn't coming there?
Also I can see type of responseTIme field as String in Kibana setting, which should come as 'number' after change. in Json format on Kibana, I can see it as number, out of double quote.

any help would be great on this.


What is the mapping for the field in the index/indices? Changing this in Logstash will not alter existing data or change mapping, only apply to new indices as long as you allow dynamic mapping.


I didn't get the question completely.
Field data type is string in the mapping.

However I have 2 ways to solve it.

Either, I create new field responseDuration with new type integer.
OR, I create new type (mapping) and change data type to integer using mutate filter, under this new type. This will give me benefit to use old field name which is more generic and suitable for my purpose.

Please review, whether it is correct.