Mapping is different then discover shows

Hi there,

I am trying to index data which is coming from logstash and ingesting with my ingest-pipeline.

I am using index template to use some mapping fields.

One of them is response_time.

When i check it from dev tools, it shows me as i expected which integer field. What is the problem? What did i miss ?

Thanks in advance.

However, kibana shows me it is a string field on discover page.




Your question is not clear to me. Can you rephrase?
If you want, you can update the mapping to be a different field type

I am using index templates and mapping to make 'response_time' integer.

When i checked my index mapping settings from dev tools like,

GET app_myindex-2021.05.07/_mapping

it seems as integer.


However when i checked indexed data as,

GET app_myindex-2021.05.07-2021.05.07/_doc/row_id


And i do not understand why it is not created as integer according to my index template.

Index mapping and the actual data are acting different.

I am a bit lost.
As far as I know, 95747224 is an integer and presented as one.

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