Get average of response time in specific interval

(Ivanandrianto95) #1

I use Filebeat and ELK and I need to display average of response time in specific interval. It has a field response_time but I don't know how to get the average response time each minute. How can I do it?

(Tim Sullivan) #2

You can do a date histogram over an aggregation of the average response time, and set the interval of the histogram to the "Minute" option.

Here's a data table visualization I did (over a "bytes" field since my data doesn't have response time):

(Ivanandrianto95) #3

I don't see response_time in dropdown when I choose average in aggregation

(Ivanandrianto95) #5

The problem is in Kibana, the type of response_time is string even I've converted it to float in logstash.conf

(Tim Sullivan) #6

The mappings are held in Elasticsearch, Kibana uses those mappings to control what it's able to do with the fields.

Check the mapping for your index by running curl -XGET "http://hostname:port/logstash-*/_mapping. If the field is not mapped as a float here, something is going wrong with your logstash.conf.

If your using a mutate filter to do the conversion, this reference could be of help.

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