AWS ElasticSearch can' t accept nginx logs from logstash

I' ve configured Logstash to collect my nginx productions logs and send them to Amazon ElasticSearch.
When i tested previously with apache logs, they were successfuly sent and visualized with Kibana,
but now i can't send my nginx production logs.
I've searched in /var/log/logstash logs and there were no errors, connection is successfully established.

Anyway, here is my conf file, if anyone has an idea, i would be very greatful.

input  {
         file {
                path => "/var/log/nginx/access.log"

output  {
         amazon_es  {
                hosts =>  [""]
                region => "us-east-1"
                aws_access_key_id => 'ACCESS_KEY'
                aws_secret_access_key => 'SECRET_KEY'
                index => "nginx-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

You should probably ask the authors of this plugin.
I mean on AWS forums.

BTW did you look at and ?

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