Azure App Service Logs to Elastic Cloud (without Filebeat)


we send various types of data into our Elastic Cloud deployments, whether it be custom indexes or APM (RUM, node.js, ASP.NET, .NET Core ecc.) data, which is all very straight forward.

But when it comes to application Logs, like error messages which should not be handled/sent by the application itself, but by the environment, we haven't figured out a good solution yet.
For .NET it's pretty clear, just use Filebeat on each Windows Server where the app is installed.

However, in regards to Azure App Services which was already discussed at Azure App Services to ELK deploying Filebeat to another container/vm doesn't seem feasible (Using Azure Module with Event Hub).

The Native Azure integration would make things much easier, but as per documentation/design this approach still has a lot of limitations we run into, including:

  • germanywestcentral isn't supported yet Link - most ressources lie here
  • we would need to migrate from elastic cloud to the Azure Native integration
  • access to the elastic cloud console (to manage deployments) for multiple users isn't supported or very cumbersome (we'd need to create a shared account for it)
    • we have multiple subscriptions which must have a dedicated Elastic Azure Native integration, because those subscriptions are a top level boundary for various reasons incl. billing - so we would need to create X shared users

Looking at both solutions, Filebeat+EventHub and Native Azure integration, both of them don't seem to be just right for us.

Finally, to my questions :smiley: :

  1. Is there any other solution which we could ship Azure App Service Applications Logs to Elastic Cloud that I might missed?
  2. Will it be possible to ship such logs to Elastic Cloud deployments (not using the Native Azure integration) directly in the future?
  3. Is there an ETA for Azure germanywestcentral support for the Native Integration? - We probably could work around the described issues regarding account sharing/multiple subscriptions, but region support for gwc must be there.

thanks for reading and best regards

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