Azure plugin install error for 2.1.0

the Azure plugin for 2.1.0 installation fails.

plugin install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-cloud-azure/2.8.2

when I try to install the plugin it successfully downloads and then throws error "Could not find plugin descriptor '' in plugin zip".

as a workaround, I have downloaded the plugin and copied the unzipped version into "elasticsearch-cloud-azure" folder, now when I run ES on my VM am getting initialize plugin exception with message" Unable to initialize"

Please help me to resolve this.


Look at the very first lines of the READMEfile.
You'll find links to the new doc.


Hi David,

Thanks for your reply, the read me document has "Elasticsearch: The Official Distributed Search & Analytics Engine | Elastic" url and I do not see any relevant info on this page.


Here you go:

Thanks David, its working.