Azure plugin install error for 2.1.0

(chalapathi) #1

the Azure plugin for 2.1.0 installation fails.

plugin install elasticsearch/elasticsearch-cloud-azure/2.8.2

when I try to install the plugin it successfully downloads and then throws error "Could not find plugin descriptor '' in plugin zip".

as a workaround, I have downloaded the plugin and copied the unzipped version into "elasticsearch-cloud-azure" folder, now when I run ES on my VM am getting initialize plugin exception with message" Unable to initialize"

Please help me to resolve this.


(David Pilato) #2

Look at the very first lines of the READMEfile.
You'll find links to the new doc.


(chalapathi) #3

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply, the read me document has "" url and I do not see any relevant info on this page.


(David Pilato) #4

Here you go:

(chalapathi) #5

Thanks David, its working.

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