Backing Up ES Indices

I have a few questions about Snapshots,

  1. What is the correct approach to save snapshots to long term data store such as tape storage
  2. What is the correct proceedure to restore the snapshots stored in the tape storage.
  3. How would we selectively restore certain indexes in case we wish to look at some data at a later point of time

Hi Nijal,

i am not familiar with tape storage but....

Snapshots (SLM) support local disks and since snapshots have metadata it allows them to work standalone. Meaning you should be able to use a disk to store a snapshot, unmount the disk, mount it in another datacenter and register it with another cluster which can then read the snapshots.

If you are able to move data between an active disk and tapes you should be able to utilize this approach as well.

This is pretty much the process described in the manual too. Note that you have to unregister the repository before copying it to tape, otherwise you'll get an inconsistent set of files which won't restore properly.

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